How does it work?

Add file(s) and/or text, enter your Bitcoin address and choose Sale Count. You can sale the Volume you created to 1-100 customers or unlimited sales. Click “Upload” button and get the link to this Volume. Share the Volume link at your forum thread, social network or directly with customers.

Your customer pays via any supported cryptocurrencies. When the payment is confirmed by the network, customer will get download link and you will get forwarded cryptocurrency to your address default auto conversion.


  • Seller will get = amount (sent from buyer) – 0.0002 (fee) – Bitcoin network fee.
  • We support SegWit (Segregated Witness). This network protocol features transaction priority and smaller network Fee.
  • Bitcoin processing takes commission 0.0002 BTC at forwarding. It’s a flat rate fee for any amount, but we don’t take it if the amount is less than 100000 Satoshi. Bitcoin network takes a floating fee for transaction.
  • If the customer partially paid the order, then this amount is forwarded to the seller. But the digital goods will not be transferred until the full amount is paid by the customer. If the customer would like to cancel the deal and get a refund of the partial payment, then the customer should contact the seller.
  • Total file(s) size is 50MB.
  • We cannot change or delete the Volume text, files, Bitcoin address or number of sales. Just upload a new Volume with correct parameters again. Wrong Volume will be deleted automatically after one month.
  • “Sale Count” variable is the maximum quantity of sold goods. If the seller chooses zero Sale Count, number of sales is unlimited.
  • We are not responsible for the content of the data. And we can’t check uploaded data due to local encryption. You have to trust the seller. The seller takes sole responsibility for the entered data.
  • We cannot change, cancel or accelerate the transaction due to the nature of Bitcoin blockchain protocol.
  • Disputed sales are only valid for a period of 24hours.
  • All sales are final.